Looking for a way to attract some attention at the bar while plying your sleight of hand? Some great bar magic tricks can draw a crowd and make you the life of the party. Luckily there are relatively a many that are easy to learn and can be put into practice rather snappily. 풀싸롱 You will not need any outfit that you can not find in your original tavern.

The first bone
you may have seen a variation of back in wisdom class in academy. It’s called the stinking glass trick. It gets that name because you’re trying to get the beer into the glass without pouring it in. You will need a coin, an ashtray, an empty pint glass, a box of matches and some beer.
After you have gathered the necessary props, place the ashtray on the bar and pour a small quantum of beer into it. Place the coin in the middle of the beer. Place a lit match horizontally on the coin. Now snare the pint glass and place it over the match and the coin. Make sure the edges are flat in the beer. Within a many seconds, the match will exhaust the oxygen in the glass creating a suction pulling the beer into the glass. Voila!

The coming trick is indeed simpler to learn than the first. It’s called push the glass. You will need a shot glass, a beer mug and a straw. Take the shot glass and place it on the bar next to the beer mug. Assure your bystanders that you can push the shot glass through the handle of the beer mug without touching either glass. Now take the straw and put it through the handle of the mug and push the shot glass with it. You just pushed the glass through the handle of the mug!
For your coming great bar magic trick, called the olive ground, you will need an olive, three whiskey spectacles, a brandy glass and a straw. When this trick is performed rightly, you will make the olive vault over a chain and into a third glass.

Put the olive on the bar and place two of the whiskey spectacles upside down about six elevation piecemeal and six elevation from the olive. Set the straw on top of the spectacles to form a chain. Take the third glass and place it right side up six elevation on the other side of the chain.
Now take the brandy glass and turn it upside down over the olive. Hold the base of the glass and begin twirling it around the olive. As you continue to rotation you’ll produce a centrifugal force causing the olive to spin around the inside of the glass. Keep twirling as you lift the glass. Move the glass over the chain and over the third glass. When you’re over the third glass stop twirling the olive in the brandy glass and it’ll fall into the whiskey glass.